Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad Etiquette

Pin It It's peak wedding season in Texas, and we are all being bombarded with wedding invitations filling our mailboxes. Obviously, I LOVE weddings. I love all of the personalized details, the emotion, the flowers, the food...what's not to love? Bad etiquette.

All of the offenders will remain nameless, but these are a few of the mistakes that I've seen recently. I'm not sharing these to be rude or catty by any stretch! I'm hoping to prevent the same embarrassment for others.

I received a note on my door that a piece of mail was unable to be delivered due to insufficient postage. It was a wedding invitation, for a wedding that is FOUR months away. Seriously, we had to pay to receive a wedding invitation that will almost certainly be misplaced with over four months to go. (Six weeks prior is when the invitations should be mailed.)

We received a wedding "newsletter" from a bride that was intended to update all of the wedding party and family about important dates, deadlines, and events. This is a fabulous idea, and it truly does help keep everyone on the same page and "in the know." Yes, we live it Texas, but it says "ya'll"...which is really the conjunction of "you" and "all", so it should read "y'all" since the word "you" doesn't have an "a" in it. We received it on May 9th, and it lists a wedding shower for May 24th with an invitation still to come. I don't know if you've checked your calendar lately, but that's Memorial Day weekend which is only two weeks after the newsletter arrived. We have plans! I am positive that many people do by now. It's inconsiderate to the couple being honored as well as the guests to not give enough notice, because inevitably, it means that fewer people will be able to attend.

This brings me to the invitation to the shower that arrived a few days later. Wedding registry information should never be listed on any invitation OTHER than a shower invitation. This is the ONLY place that it's considered appropriate. That being said, the invitation should never say "Bring a gift" in any form or fashion. It also should never require that the guests bring their own beverages - BYOB is appropriate for a backyard barbecue with neighbors and very close friends, but NOT if it's a shower. Finally, I would love to let the twelve people (yes, twelve) know that we will be unable to attend the shower, but there's not an email address or phone number to call and RSVP. One less thing on my to-do list, but how will they ever plan for food?

If you have hired a planner, they will more than likely be glad to review these things for you and your wedding party before invitations are mailed. In the end, everyone is happy!

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