Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weddings & Wine: The Marriage Made in Heaven

Pin It We have found a wonderful new "party" that is great for bridesmaid luncheons, bridal showers, and even bachelorette parties! I will be hosting a bachelorette weekend for my younger sister this weekend, and Janet Thomas will be coming to do the wine tasting party as part of our long weekend. Who can resist time with the girls, wine, and cheese?! (For those of you who don't know me, cheese is my weakness.)

This is from Wine Shop At Home as sent to me by Wine Consultant Janet Thomas

When it comes to spring and summer weddings, uncork your imagination and pour sheer romance for the bride and groom and their guests. Whether it is your own wedding, or the wedding of friends, the clink of sparkling stems, raised in a toast, is a time-honored tradition that will linger in the memory for years to come. But which wines to serve? How much to buy? When it comes to wine at weddings there can be questions galore. To take some of the confusion out, here are some general guidelines and ideas that can help to pull the cork in style.

So, whether it’s your own wedding, or you’re wondering what to purchase for the bride and groom, here are some favorite tips to help you bring out your inner wine connoisseur:

1. Keep it Simple:
Keep it simple and stay with what people know and love best – a favorite white wine and a favorite red. Keep them both food-friendly and you’re good to go.

2. Pick A Bubbly:
No wedding is complete without a bubbly. Be sure to order enough to have at least one toast for the reception. Sparklers from Spain are one of the hottest new bubbly trends. If you are concerned about price, here’s a hot tip: ask the servers to pour only a half a glass – the perfect bubbles will rise up in the glass for a fragrant toast! Another money saver is a bubbly punch…. simply add sparkling soda and fruit slices to your favorite white or fruity summer wine.

3. Enjoy Choosing:
Consider throwing a Wine Tasting Event. That’s right! Host a Wine Tasting party and invite the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Or have your own family and friends tasting celebration.

4. A Generous Pour:
When it comes to wines for weddings, you don’t want to run out. A bottle will pour four to six glasses. You’ll want to allow for half a bottle per person. Some will drink more, some less. But since you can't determine ahead of time which wine they'll drink – white, red or bubbly – you want to be sure you have enough of each on hand.

5. Think By the Case:
When it comes to purchasing wine, case sales make sense. Either all red, all white, or mixed cases. Remember, there is no way that leftover wine is going to waste. Start a wine cellar in your new home and don’t forget to save some wine for your anniversary party next year, the year after that…..and after that!

6. Think Personal:
There’s nothing quite like commemorating the big day with your own personal message of love, your wedding date, and a photograph. Contact your Wine Consultant to find out how easy it is to personalize wine for the entire wedding party – or to give as gift to the bridal couple.

7. Think Double Magnums:
A double magnum makes a handsome gift for the bridal couple and also makes a sensational statement at a bachelor or bachelorette party. Personalize it for added impact. They'll never forget it – or you!


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