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Tan Girl Airbrush Tanning

Pin It When it comes to your big day, how you look is everything.Nothing will capture a radiant bride more than a sun kissed glow on her wedding day. What better way to get that glow than in the comfort of your home! No fuss, no mess, no traveling…..just a gorgeous tan at your doorstep!

Check out Tan Girl Airbrush Tanning! www.tangirl2you.com
They have awesome packages for brides and bridal parties!
During your session an airbrush technician will gently spray your body in a fine mist, using a sunless tanning solution. The active ingredient in the solution is a colorless sugar, called Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA) which has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. This special formula works by interacting with the natural amino acids in the dead surface cells found in the outermost layer of the skin. This produces a color change, which resembles a UV based tan. As the dead skin cells gradually wear off, the color slowly fades, just like a genuine sun tan. The best part…..it does not cause damage to the underlying living layers of skin.

"Big Day" Packages For BridesBrides...
don't be as white as your dress!

* Big Day Tan - $35

* Trial Run and Big Day Tan - $55

* "I Want it All!" PackageBridal Shower, Bachelorette Party & Big Day - $75 (must be paid in full at booking)

For the "want them to look good too (but not as good as you)" brides, wedding party tans are available at the "Host a Party" rates. If 5 bridesmaids tan, your tan is FREE!

Bridal FAQ:

1.) How many days before my wedding day should I be tanned? We recommend you get your spray tan two days before your big day. Example: If your ceremony is on Saturday at 6:30, Thursday night would be the perfect time! This way not only do you have a glowing tan for your big day, but a glowing tan for your Friday rehearsal dinner too! Anytime from the day before to up to 3 days before would ensure you'd have a vibrant tan on your day. Your tan should last well into your honeymoon too!

2.) Do you recommend a trial run? For brides we always recommend a trial run. This will give you and your technician an opportunity to discuss what you are wanting/needing. It will also give you an opportunity to test the color and decide if you'd like to go darker or lighter. In addition, you will be able to see how long the tan lasts with your skin type which will give you a better idea of when you'd like to have the tan for your wedding day.

3.) Will my tan last through my honeymoon? A standard tan will last anywhere from 5-7 days. You can prolong this time period by using DHA lotions which are designed to prolong your tan by 3 or more days. Keeping your skin hydrated (any lotion) will also help in keeping your tan longer. Tan Girl also offers a "Twice Baked" tan which is two passes of the tanning solution. We have had client's tans last 14 days with this option! We would definitely recommend a trial run for Twice Baked tans as we wouldn't want you looking too dark on your wedding day.

4.) Will the color rub off on my wedding dress? The day you get your tan there is a bronzer that gives you the instant color. The DHA portion of the solution is the part that develops over the 6-8 hours after a tan and ultimately the portion that lasts giving you the sunkissed tan. The day of the tan bronzer is the only part of the solution that will rub off onto clothing and it gets washes off the first time you shower. You are left with only the lasting part of your tan that does not rub off onto clothing! So no, the tan should NOT rub off on your dress! We do have a bronzer-free solution if it makes you more comfortable to use that.

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