Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Something old, Something NEW!!!

Pin It Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, and here is a company that helps make that possible! Just imagine all of the things you could do to personalize your table and chairs to truly reflect your style!
Velon Designs
Crystal Velon ..... What is it?
It is just what it says..... Velon that is crystal clear. And yes we can print on it. Imagine a clear tent lined with Crystal Velon printed with a beautiful damask pattern or any of our available designs. You still have the beauty of a clear tent with the addition of incredible design. What could be better!
Our Crystal Velon also adheres to any smooth surface. Yes just like Saran Wrap.
Glass windows, table tops, mirrors and even all those glass cylinder vases floral designers use for just about every event. All you do is cut our Crystal Velon to size and wrap around your vase and it completely changes the look. Think about all the customization you can now do!
Ghost Chairs can be customized to go with any event.... our Crystal Velon sticks to the back and seat of the Ghost Chair and can be purchased for easy installation. Not only can you adhere patterns to match you linens but you can now do corporate branding.
White or clear plexi furniture is now your friend. Tired of just the plain plexi furniture? Now you can cover all that boring plexi furniture with our Crystal Velon and give it a whole new life. Imagine red hearts or spring flowers covering all your plexi pieces.... You are only limited by your own imagination!
Any of our prints and pattenrs can be printed on crystal velon.... just browse our collection and let us know which you would like to have. It's that easy!

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Houston 972.804.3295

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