Monday, February 22, 2010

Secret Spy Birthday Party

Pin It The children were sent an e-vite that included a secret passcode to enter the party, and they were asked to wear black. First a ninja arrived (an adult guest dressed as a ninja), followed by The Real Secret Spy! (Thank you Lee from Cynthia's Manhattan Limo for playing that role with your perfect "Secret Spy Car"!) The Secret Spy gave the birthday boy a gift wrapped in black wrapping paper that was a special spy watch (made by Spy Gear) to aid him with his missions.

Upon arriving, guests were asked for the secret passcode before being allowed to enter the party. They were then directed to "Recruit Check-in" to receive their code name and briefcase (purchased from Oriental Trading and then some additions were made. ie. small mirror, red decoder glasses, a puzzle lunch punch, etc.) and then "Identification Verification" where fingerprints were taken and they received their file (contained a code book, handbook, other identification paperwork, and their name tags.) This is where they were given their first clue. Following the clue, they found a ransom note for the birthday cake that was left behind by the thief. Their first mission involved putting on disguises and having their pictures taken. Then, they went to recruit training and learned about fingerprints and footprints. They were given a clue that was backwards and could be read with a mirror that was in their spy briefcases before tracking the thief's footprints to the crime scene. There, they found an empty safe with dynamite and a clue that required decoder glasses. The clue led them to the birthday boy's bedroom which was full of laser sensors (red yarn tied across the room in every direction) protecting the cakes. The secret spies worked their way through the lasers and saved the cake before the thief was able to eat it!

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