Thursday, March 25, 2010

Want Help Deciding?

Pin It Your friends are scattered across the country, your mom's out of town, and your fiance is NOT giving you any input...and you just want an opinion! Which wedding gown? Which bridesmaid dresses? Which invitations?
You can have your friends at your fingertips without the expensive airfare if you each have an iPhone or iPod Touch! Check out Love It or Lose it!
Get instant feedback when you need it! Send photos, up to 3 at a time (from the dressing room, the store, the house, wherever!) to friends or the Love It or Lose It community and get quick help deciding what to buy or what to wear. “Which dress looks best on me?” is no longer a question that you will have to answer alone!

Austin 512.644.6886

Houston 972.804.3295

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