Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Journey with Camp Gladiator Boot Camp

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Becoming engaged no doubt is the start of a long to-do list of all things wedding related. Included somewhere near picking a wedding date and reserving the venue is getting into the best shape you have ever been in in your entire life. For most of us we no longer have the metabolism that we had back in high school and the "freshman fifteen" became more like the freshman 20. Catching a glimpse of that new ring on your finger is a daily reminder that you want to make sure you are looking great for your engagement pictures, your bridal portraits, and when you are sporting a new bikini on your honeymoon (gasp)! Not to mention you plan to be seen by a hundred or so of your closest family and friends on the big day and that expensive wedding dress you just bought has got to fit!

For months my sister has been inviting me to try out a local boot camp called Camp Gladiator. What started as something to give her a kick start to get in shape after having two children has since become a driving passion for her. She loves the competitive nature of the program, the variety of workouts each day brings and has built many strong and lasting friendships along the way that have helped to keep her accountable in her fitness goals. Being a dedicated Fairy Godmother, I decided what better way to better educate our brides on the path to looking great for your wedding date than to try out the boot camp experience myself.

I've seen and heard about the positive results many of my friends and family have had from joining a boot camp. Not being one who was known to spend a lot of time in the gym, the words "boot camp" bring visions of me embarrassing myself in front of a dozen other buff bodies in my weak attempts to finish out 10 sit ups while they lose count around 100 or so and drill sergeants barking orders at me. When I got married my fears led me to resort to working out in a gym but I lacked the education and at times the motivation to really see any long lasting results. After having two children I attempted several times to start a daily routine at the gym but after a few repetitive workouts followed by a few more "I'm too sore to move" days and with nobody to hold me accountable, it became easy to excuse myself from a workout here and there until it no longer made sense to continue my membership.

So aside from my sister's stunning results, why did I choose to feature Camp Gladiator? Camp Gladiator has been recognized in numerous publications including 2010 Best Boot Camp in Austin by Rare Magazine, Best Fitness Camp in Dallas by D Magazine and Best Boot Camp in Texas by Competitor Magazine. The camp was founded by Ally Davidson who not only tried out for "American Gladiators" in her veil and garter on her WEDDING DAY, but spent her honeymoon with her new husband battling along side her to beat out other muscle loaded men and women where she ultimately advanced on to become the Grand Champion and win the competition. With a story like that, it's no wonder they have become the fastest growing fitness program in Texas. Alongside Ally are many other certified trainers with years of experience and with an overall goal of "keeping it fun". Their four week program also allows me the flexibility I need with my busy schedule to try out any location and attend as many times as I want during that month. They welcome all fitness levels so my first order of business will be befriending the other campers who go at my pace! Camp Gladiator has over a hundred locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and, their newest location to open next week, the Houston area.

For the next month I will be blogging at least once a week on my experience with Camp Gladiator so you can see the results for yourself and rid yourself of any fears or excuses you may have. If you've been debating a fitness program that assures you your wedding dress is going to fit and flatter you, now is a great time to sign up as they have a new session starting April 25th. Their affordable rates get even better for new campers that sign up for consecutive camps. If you are a new or returning camper, you'll want to be sure to check out today's Groupon deal where you can sign up for a four week session for only $69! That's an amazing offer that is only going to be available for a few days. Still on the fence about signing up? Follow my weekly blog updates as I experience first hand the results and contact us when you are ready to sign up since you'll want to take advantage of the huge discount Camp Gladiator has generously offered our brides!

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