Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh How Sweet!

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The wedding candy buffet has quickly become one of my favorite trends in weddings.  The stunning  display and nostalgic "kid in a candy store" feeling gives your guests an immediate WOW factor that leaves them with something they will surely remember and talk about long after the wedding is over.  Not to mention this interactive wedding decor doubles as a memorable take home favor for guests of all ages.
For the more formal wedding you may question the use of such child like novelties.  Last weekend we had the pleasure of working with Shannon, a bride to be described as nothing short of "fun", yet her candy bar buffet was still an elegant and classic display of sophistication.  The monochromatic color palette was striking against the pop of color seen in her table runner.  She had a variety of rock candy, ribbon candy, macaroons, lollipops and much more.  My favorite was the hand crafted marshmallows that have since spoiled me rotten.  I can never buy store bought marshmallows again after trying these! 

Summer Pruett of the local Stardust Pastry  is to be credited for the yummy displays of sweet treats you see pictured throughout and if you are considering anything to satisfy the sweet tooth in your guests you'll want to pay her a visit!  This idea certainly appeals to the DIY kind of bride and allows you to showcase your creative talents in a fabulous and fun way.  After seeing and TASTING Summer's work however, there is not enough to be said in the amount of time and energy that is saved, both in the kitchen and on the day of, by hiring a professional to make sure your candy buffet doesn't leave you with a sour taste in your mouth... figuratively speaking!

Be sure to embellish your treats with a simple label similar to the ones seen here created by Kathy Reece of Dragonfly Designs.  How fun are the "Cheers!" tags on the marshmallows?! 

The favor bags and curled ribbons pictured below were a delicate touch to match the table and provided the functionality needed to send home these delectable favors.   Selecting suitable containers can be a fun expression of your wedding theme.  Other ideas could include mini pails for a vintage or beach themed wedding, Chinese takeout boxes for an Asian themed wedding, or tiffany blue colored boxes for the classic wedding.

Many brides will choose to utilize their candy buffet as a visual display that pulls your wedding colors together throughout their reception.  While professional pastry chefs like Summer can match your colors precisely, (another benefit to using one!) consider using various shades of your color for even more of a dramatic effect.  I love the various shades of pink so tastefully displayed throughout this bar.  The blue macaroons below are another excellent example of how your desserts can truly bring out your wedding colors.
Image from Driskill Wedding Experience - The Fairy Godmothers were the planners -
Stardust Pastry provided desserts - Stems Floral Design provided the arrangement. 
Vignette Photography
Suzi Q Photography
The candy buffets below speak to a much more themed approach in not only their choice of desserts but also the choice of display.  The wooden crate and corks are a perfect backdrop and decorative mix for a Italian or wine themed wedding... 

Adam Moroz Photography

...and I love the shabby chic emphasis in the candy containers chosen here versus the standard clear glass containers seen in most candy bars.

The Nichols Photography
The Nichols Photography

The biggest questions left to ponder are knowing how much candy to buy and what kind.  Rather than basing your display solely on how many guests are coming, plan by how you want the display to look.  Having an abundant and full buffet is crucial in creating the biggest visual impact.  Depending on the size of your wedding, you may want to showcase a  variety of 6-10 different candies, cookies, and other sweets. Display them in anywhere from 10-20 jars, containers, and footed platters of various shapes and sizes.  Simple tricks such as saving larger containers for popular candies or layering the bottom with colored sugar or fruit will help save money.  For outdoor weddings be sure to avoid anything that can melt in the heat such as chocolate or yogurt covered malt balls.  Finally, you'll want to be sure to do a test run of how you want the candy to be displayed in the containers.   This allows you to test the visual appeal as well as the functionality of the containers and scoops used in your display. Not to mention it gives you an excuse to administer the much needed taste test!

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