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Camp Gladiator - Week 2

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Well, sort of. I completed my three days of camp this week.  My goal however, is to be doing four days during the last two weeks so if I accomplish that then really I'm just short of half way.  Regardless, this has been a great experience so far!

Houston CG Trainers, Terry and Roz demonstrate our next drill

Week 2, Day 1:

Today's blog is dedicated to our Houston brides!  It was exciting this morning when I walked up to see we had not one, but THREE trainers joining us for our workout session!  Roz and Terry are from the newly opened Houston branch of CG and were in Austin to rotate in with a few of the trainers throughout town.  They took over the majority of the workout for Brandon this morning and their personalities kept us energized and moving.  I've always been one that enjoys change but honestly when it comes to my workout routines, I prefer the comfort I get seeing the same faces each time.  With Roz and Terry though, it was a completely natural fit having them lead our group.  I truly believe our Houston brides will be in for a treat if they get a chance to work out with them!

This is Functional Movement Week and all three of our trainers made sure to keep us moving for the entire 60 minutes!  You have your moments where you feel like you just can't go on and right about then is when someone, whether it be a fellow camper or a trainer walks by and gives you the verbal boost you need to push out "just a couple more".  It feels like it went by so fast though when your hour is up so you know you had to be having fun!  We always start out with a variety of simple exercises called out by the trainers.  They are designed to get your heart rate up there and you begin to question their sanity when they remind you this is just the warm up!  After a series of drills we played another game today.  This time we were split into two teams.  One person from each team had to run back and forth from the start of the line to a cone, each time tapping the ground and then going to the next cone further out.  Instead of sprinting back at the last cone however, you walked back to the line while simultaneously doing lunges each step of the way.  Oh but wait.  It gets even better.  While you were in line waiting for your turn, you had to hold a squat position.  So being the first one to go should have made it easier right? No such luck.  We still had to squat even when we finished our drill and lunged our way to the back of the line.  There's no slacking allowed because your team is cheering you on each painful step of the way.  I know a lot of people hate lunges and I've always prided myself on being perfectly happy adding them into a workout routine.  Adding them to the end of a full set of sprints back and forth AND after a few minutes of holding a squat position and nobody gets away without feeling a burn.  But this is what is so great about Camp Gladiator is that it doesn't matter how athletic you are or aren't.  It's going to be a workout for every skill level.  You make it as tough as you need to.

Your Fairy Godmother holding steady with a plank exercise

Week 2, Day 2:

Today we did LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of circuit drills.  I immediately tried to write down at the end of our workout this morning as many of the exercises as I could remember and it's exhausting just recording them!  Superman pose, sexy spiders, little man jumping jacks, regular burpees, one legged burpees, circle push-ups, planks, high knee kicks, side shuffles, bunny hops, mountain climbers, PHEW!  We had cones set out so that we had a combination of different exercises we had to do from one cone to the next and then... do them all again except moving backwards.  My finest moment of the day though was when my trainer, Brandon, pulled my feet out from under me and I landed on my back in front of everyone!  We were doing kick backs, I think that's what they are called...  You lay down on your back and hold the ankles of your partner standing above you while you lift your legs straight up in the air.  Your partner takes your feet and throws them back down to the ground and you repeat.  May I suggest for anyone about to try this at home that you find a partner, a large piece of furniture... Just find something other than a 5'1" person at the very least someone who is slightly equivalent to your height or weight.  The first time Brandon went to lift his legs I was not set or ready and out went my feet from under me!  Very graceful! 

We also utilized our surroundings today with the large rocks, bleachers and parking curb things (what are those things called?!) that were all around us.  So here's what I realized today.  I am finding a lot of benefit from writing down what we've been doing.  Not because I plan on opening my own competitor to CG (ha ha!) but because it made me realize the value in being able to work out wherever and whenever it's convenient.  I remember in the years past I would get on a little kick and be determined I was going to start working out at the gym.  Just as I was about to get into a regular schedule that works for me though, something seemed to always throw all schedules out the door.  Maybe the kids got sick, or I was going out of town, or work was busy.  Whatever the reason, I found myself out for a few days and then before I knew it I was out of the habit of going to the gym.  The hardest part is always going, remember?  But what if I had the knowledge to do some of these workouts from home?  It's a stretch for most of us but for some of you the knowledge of what to be doing and how to do it correctly is just as valuable as the workout itself.  I don't think many of us will be in a position to open up a competitor boot camp any time soon.  Remember, these guys are not only fitness experts but they are nutritional experts as well.  That's a lot of knowledge that would be in your best interest to utilize!  After all, diet is half the battle when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape!

Saturday morning at Zilker Park

Week 2, Day 3:

I made a promise to myself that I was going to do three days this week.  Nothing like a little procrastination!  Fortunately there is a Saturday morning class down at Zilker Park that helped me keep that promise!  Let me just throw this in too.  I LOVE AUSTIN!!  I really do!  There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, driving downtown, crossing over Town Lake and getting a workout in with 100+ of the coolest people in town to start your weekend off right.  (No offense Houston brides!)  But enough bragging about our cool little city.

I had the pleasure of meeting 3 more of our Austin trainers this morning, Ally, Ali and Jeff.  Ally Davidson is the founder and camp director of CG.  If you missed it you have to read my first Camp Gladiator Blog to hear more about her amazing story and how she tried out for a tv show on her WEDDING DAY!  By the way, the rumors about this camp are true.  It is big!  There were 110 people near the volleyball courts, despite it being Mother's Day weekend, ready to start their weekend with a good CG workout.  Jeff decided in honor of mother's day he mapped out a workout that was broken into three "trimesters" designed to give us an appreciation for what moms go through when they are pregnant.  As many times as we wished for the men in our lives to have to experience childbirth, I think his plan to incorporate it into a Mother's Day workout sounds a little twisted if you ask me. Ha!  I asked if those of us with kids were going to be excused from today's workout since we already knew the joy of childbirth.  His response was no, this should be easy for us.  Another "Ha!"

With a camp that size you might think it would be easy to get away with being less than completely honest as you go along with the drills.  They have the group well covered though.  We were split into two long rows on one side and two long rows on the other side facing each other so you could even hear people shouting across the aisle to encourage the other side.  The three trainers were spaced out so that they could still maintain that fun motivating conversation with individuals throughout the camp.  We didn't play any games today.  I imagine that would have been pretty difficult to coordinate.  But it was still plenty of fun to be had in a variety of core strengthening and muscle toning exercises.  The thing I like about CG that I have noticed is that they aren't looking just to build a bunch of muscle right away with exercises that have you lifting and moving heavy items like big tires and logs just so some body builder trainer can show off his skills.  My cute little 5 lb weights are perfectly acceptable amongst my peers.  The majority of these exercises are building my endurance though and I am slowly starting to see improvement in the amount of reps I can complete in any given exercise.  I also haven't been too sore throughout this week so it hasn't cut into my life outside of CG and my ability to still get things done.  Since this is being written for our beautiful brides who have varying goals of toning up or losing a couple inches, it's a good point to make that you don't have to fear walking down the aisle alongside your new husband with muscles bulging out that are larger than his. Unless that's your thing, then I'm pretty sure the CG trainers could help you accomplish that goal!

CG Trainers from left to right: Ally Davidson, Ali Christoph and Jeff Ogden

Speaking of the trainers, be sure to check out their profiles on the Camp Gladiator website.  If you are starting to think this is something you are interested in joining, but you're not quite ready to commit, next week is Bring a Friend Week.  It gives you a chance to try out a session for free with no pressure to commit.  Send me a message at if you would like to find out more information.  Remember, Camp Gladiator is also offering our brides a great discount to sign up for an upcoming 4 week session.  Ask me for the details!

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