Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crystal + Kunal - Getting Ready, Bharat, Ponkvu, Jaimala, & Madhuparka

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Crystal and Kunal were surrounded by family and friends that were truly excited for them and their celebration.  Heidi with Our Labor of Love has generously shared these amazing images with us from the Indian wedding ceremonies at Hyatt Lost Pines Resort. Suman Pai of Elegant Affairs can be credited for the gorgeous lush flowers. The mundap was truly spectacular. The fab Rolls was provided by Transportation Consultants
(Be sure to watch the blog for more images of the actual ceremony at Hyatt Lost Pines and for the blog post on Crystal and Kunal's American wedding ceremony and reception at AMOA Laguna Gloria.)  

I love the henna painting on her feet in these shoes.  Her heels are pretty and femine without detracting from the intricate painting on her feet.
"Let Love Be Genuine"
I don't know if you can really tell from the picture, but there are crystals dripping from the entire "ceiling" of the mundap, and crystal strands are from floor to "ceiling" at the back of the mundap.  As the lights were lowered, the accent lighting really showed these off.


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