Monday, June 27, 2011

From Le Macaron to the Little Mac

Pin It Every couple looks to personalize their special day in a way that gives their guests an insight to them as a couple and as individuals.  We recently had a couple have handmade cookies by Stardust Pastry with "I ♥ TX" and "I ♥ NY" on them.  They were very cute, and very appropriate.  (Guests from a neighboring wedding attempted to steal some of their favors, because they were so cute.)
I had a thought this morning.  We see lots of sliders and lots of macarons these days.  How can you not love them?  There are a ton of options for each.  BUT...what about really doing them all if you're a couple that loves the relaxed food, or maybe he proposed in France, or maybe that's where you're headed for your honeymoon, or maybe the macarons are just your fave dessert and you're not a "cake" person.  Either way, here's my idea:
Treat your guests to slider trio mini bites (think small enough to serve in Asian spoons) during cocktail hour.  Three different kinds of sliders on 3 separate spoons.  Lobster, bacon, Kobe beef, turkey, veggie, portobello, or any other burger your heart desires.

Then, during the dessert hour, tempt them with a traditional French version of a macaron.  Maybe one that's dressed up on a topiary like the one by Stardust Pastry below.
Finally, bring out Little Mac's as in Little MACARONS from Diary of a Ladybird to bring the menu full circle.

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