Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Our Vendors!

Pin It Yes, the Fairy Godmothers have been incredibly busy over the past couple of weeks meeting with vendors to share with our readers. We spend a great deal of time networking, researching vendors, meeting with them, learning about their products and services, and then using their products and services before we ever make recommendations. Some of the vendors that we'll be sharing with you over the next several weeks are ones that we've known and worked with for, ahem, YEARS. (Yes, so many years that I won't actually put it in print, because it speaks to my age.) Others are vendors that we've come to know and trust fairly recently. If you have questions or want to know more about a specific vendor, shoot us an e-mail or a FB message. We're happy to share!

We had a seminar on August 4th at The Driskill for the Fairy Godmother team and met with several vendors.  The Driskill is always a First Class experience, and this was no different.  We were surprised with a lovely greeting of coffee, bottled water, Mimosas and cones of doughnut holes.  (More about The Driskill, their facility, and the fabulous lunch they provided in a later post!)

Stay tuned for the vendors with whom we met!  Caterers, Photographers, and Florists are all on the list.

Austin 512.644.6886

Houston 972.804.3295

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