Thursday, August 25, 2011

Palette Perfection: Burnt Orange and White

Pin It When people ask me who I (Skylar) am, several answers come to mind - wedding planner, Austin resident, Pilates enthusiast, Facebook addict... and the list continues. One of the most important ways to describe myself, however, would be as a Longhorn. As an alumnus and resident of the city of Austin, it is only natural that burnt orange is a color that often shows up in my wardrobe, accessories, and even home decor. With that in mind (and the upcoming football season right around the corner), I feel it is only fair to appease my other University of Texas enthusiasts with some ideas on how to incorporate the Longhorn love into a wedding in a way that speaks to each bride and grooms personality.

Cakes are one of my favorite additions to a themed wedding. They are a simple way to express the individuality of the couple in a fun manner that every guest can admire and enjoy. I, personally, love the simple accents of the cake below; the designer has taken a truly classic bridal cake and personalized it in such a way that is not overwhelming or ostentatious. For the couple that desires something a little less obvious, the addition of simple orange flower petals to a classic white cake also make for a stunning option.

In addition to cake decor, flowers and centerpieces are another great way to incorporate color; touches of orange and white in bridal bouquets or decorative floral arrangement make for lovely accents to any wedding.

Now, perhaps you love Texas football and Longhorns named Bevo just as much as anyone else, but you are looking for something a little more discrete (in hopes of not offending your new Aggie mother-in-law) to illustrate your pride. Party favors like the miniature cookies below are an option that everyone can enjoy.

And for all of you Aggie fans, a fellow Fairy Godmother (and Aggie) is putting together a board for you for next week!

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