Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabulous FG Friday Cocktail: Garnish!

Pin It So, a lemon slice doesn't really speak to you as a way to say "sophistication" or "fun" or "____" (fill in the blank with your personal style word)?  A plain green olive with a pimento is so over....

Maybe you've decided to have a basic or standard bar package, but you still want some upscale panache or stylish pizzazz.  Be creative with your garnishes!  Here are some options that speak to the Fairy Godmothers...

1.       Sprinkles – Nonpareils via How Sweet It Is
2.       Skewered cucumber via RealSimple
3.       Sugared paper-thin apple slice via TheNest
4.       Candy cane cocktail via Martha Stewart
5.       Caramel crisp on a crème brulee martini via About
6.       Mint and flower ice cubes via RealSimple
7.       Polka dot straws via BHLDN
8.       Spiral cut cucumber via About
9.       Blackberries (or any other fresh fruit) via Williams Sonoma
10.    Mini donuts via Nantucket Weddings Unveiled
11.    Rock candy swizzle sticks via Lauren Conrad
12.    Cotton candy via Lauren Conrad
13.    Blue cheese stuffed olives via Food of Love
14.    Jalepeno-stuffed olives via TheNibble
15.    Chocolate covered espresso beans via HulaIsland
16.    Chocolate abstracts via Hostess with the Mostess
17.    Snowflakes via Glorious Treats (best hanging on the edge or atop whipped cream)

Honey stirrers, frozen grapes or cranberries, and brightly colored gumballs are a few other (unpictured) garnishes and stirrers that we love!

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