Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Real Question ...

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You said yes to him, but how will you ask your girls to stand next to you as you marry the man of your dreams? Too cheesy and they may say no ... of course not, but you'll want to show off a bit of your own style when you do ask. Here are five cheeky ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaid:

1. Here's a clever yet simple way to delight your future bridesmaids from Hello, Friend. These locket rings hold a message right inside ... perfect, for say, your question. 

2. An elegant card from Mr. Boddington's and a bouquet of flowers is a nice touch too. 
3. Why not just attach a card to this hanger from etsy? Dress to come later...

4. A not-so-simple, but memorable way to ask from Wedding Chicks. All you do is fill a cigar box with little details from your big day. 

5. Your engagement is more than reason enough to pop some champagne. Pen a sweet note and no BFF will be able to say no. 

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