Friday, April 20, 2012

Kentucky Derby Inspiration Board

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We still have many projects to complete before the Derby party, but here is a sneak peek of what we are working on and some of our inspiration.
15 days and counting!

Invitations and real horseshoes (for luck) are hand-delivered to guests.
Green outdoor carpeting will cover table surfaces throughout the party space.
Dollar store horses have been spray-painted black with chalkboard paint.
The mint julep cups and vases were ordered from Save-On-Crafts.
Felt "silks" were made for chair covers.  Felt, scissors, heat-n-bond, and an iron was all it took to make these!
Creating a mint julep "bar" with the assistance of some silver trays from the dollar store and chalkboard paint.
Horse chalkboards label food.
Mint julep cupcakes in silver wrappers are a must!
A "Dress-up Station" for the kids will have fascinators and bow ties.  
Inflatable horses will be available for kids derby races.  (We chose not to use the broomstick horses since they easily become weapons in the hands of little ones.)
If you know that your "gents" won't dress up for Millionaire Row, maybe they're better suited for the Infield with these necktie napkins and their everyday attire.
Gorgeous hats are a must for the ladies!
Mint julep cups and stripey straws make things festive.
Bakerella has some adorable hat cookies, and Hatter and Hare Events has some cute candy hat pops, too!
Last, but not least, what a gorgeous derby centerpiece from Au Courant Floral!

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