Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Austin Fairy Godmothers + Vendor Spotlights

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We had a great time in April with Elizabeth Jayne Photography for our team photo shoot at Loot Vintage Rentals.  STEMS Floral Design brought some very simple but astoundingly gorgeous orchids in cylinder vases.  Strictly Sweets by Amanda provided the adorable high-heeled cupcakes, and Stardust Pastry made the macarons.  We actually had so much fun with the oh-so-yummy macarons that I laughed so hard I was crying and couldn't breathe.

We found so many items in  Loot Vintage Rentals that we had a hard time selecting what we wanted to use!  Suitcases, trunks, chairs, tables, plates, pillows, doors, and window panes all made the cut for this shoot.

All of our amazing vendors are accounted for in the one image below, and I love this picture!

Macarons by Stardust Pastry....Careful if you try to feed one to someone else, because you might lose a finger they're so good!  (If you don't believe me, just ask Ashley.)

Since Your Very Own Fairy Godmother came to be in 2002, a high-heeled shoe has been our logo.  It started as a glass Cinderella slipper on a blue background.  Then, it was a pink background with a very similar shoe, and we updated it to a line drawing of a high-heeled shoe by Dragonfly Designs about a year ago.  Below, you'll find our shoes and 4 pairs of high-heeled cupcakes by Strictly Sweets (as well as our "Fairy Godmother wands!")

Seriously.  So incredibly cute.

Dawn Earley, Owner & Senior Planner/Designer, PWC

Angel Carter, Planner/Designer, PWC

Jenn Goodner, Senior Planner/Designer, PWC

Ashley LeDesma, Planner/Designer

Lauren Gallaher, Planner/Designer, PWC

All of these pieces (except the vases and flowers by STEMS) are from Loot Vintage Rentals.  Loot has a chair called "Frenchie" that was rented out the day of the shoot that I really do want to take home with me.  Unfortunately, I don't think I could afford the lifetime rental fee.

This was my first opportunity to work with Liz of Elizabeth Jayne Photography, and she was so easy going.  She crawled around on the floor to get pictures, hiked into the weeds with us, and got every picture we wanted in a short amount of time.  I knew from her portfolio that she was great at capturing emotion and telling a story, and now we look forward to working with her again to tell the story of our clients.


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