Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Real Wedding: How Much Does it Cost? White Hot Centerpiece

Pin It In Austin, Longhorn color palettes are common appearance, but there are so many options as to the implementation of the burnt orange and white hues.  The Flower Studio put together this elegant option to show the couple's team spirit.

Image by Andrew Sterling, Flowers by The Flower Studio

So, how much does it cost, and what does it take to create it?
First, the light box is painted white to match the orange and white theme of this UT inspired wedding. Then, it is wrapped with a white moirĂ© ribbon enhancement. New LED batteries need to be inserted in each light for a lifespan of approximately 8 hours. The cymbidium orchid spray is bound with wire at its base, and a large coil of wire is formed to fit around the inside of the bottom of the vase. Clear gems are placed on top of the coil to weigh it down. If this is not done, then the cymbidium spray will float to the top of the vase when later filled with water. The vases, approximately a $200.00 retail value are gently packed in cartons for transportation. They are unloaded on location and placed on a cart.  Each vase is then filled with roughly 16 gallons of water, raised onto the center of the table and carefully placed on the light box. This takes the strength of about 3 people. The orange rose petals are then positioned on top of the water level and followed by the white hydrangea florets. The take down of these centerpieces takes just as much energy!

The water has to be emptied out of the vase (typically in the kitchen area of the venue) before being put back into containers for transport back to the Studio. Not just a simple table arrangement!

Light box and LED light - rental
 $   30.00
1 yard of white moirĂ© ribbon 
 $   10.00
Vase - rental 
 $   30.00
Clear gems
 $   12.00
 $   15.00
1 stem of cymbidium orchids
 $   85.00
5 Orange Unique roses for petals are $4.00 each 
 $   20.00
4 stems of white hydrangea $6.00 each 
 $   24.00
Labor 25% 
 $   56.50
Total cost
 $ 282.50

So how much did you guess that it cost?  Kathy and Megan were closest with $275 and $290. Courtesy of The Flower Studio one lucky winner has won 2 VIP tickets to the Bridal Showcase by The Driskill being held on August 26, 2012 with guest speaker “Queen of Cakes”, Sylvia Weinstock. Each ticket carries a value of $45.00 for a prize value of $90.00.  You  may see Fairy Godmothers on Sunday at The Driskill, but we aren't participating in the showcase this year.  We have a wedding at The Driskill this weekend, and our focus will be our client.  Please stop and see The Flower Studio, and feel free to contact us about our services as well!

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