Friday, September 21, 2012

Real Wedding: How Much Does it Cost? Guest Book Table

Pin It Weddings have so many elements!  Have you considered what will go on the guest book table?  As wedding planners, we work through each of the elements with you, and we had the pleasure of working on this specific wedding with STEMS Floral Design.

Flowers by Stems Floral Design, Image Courtesy of Focal Point Photographics
For this fun guest book table arrangement, each letter is comprised with over 60 yellow button flowers... over 240 blooms in total. Each bloom is hand-glued onto the craft letter and took four designers about 45 minutes each to make—for a total of three hours.

12 bunches of yellow buttons at $15.00 each
7 cylinder vases at $1.00 each
50 white tulips at $3.00 each
Supplies, including glue and craft letters
Labor at 35%

Total cost is $481.95

Niki Giangiulio LeMond had the closest guess on Facebook with$480!  She won a $50 arrangement from Stems Floral Design.  LIKE them!

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Houston 972.804.3295

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