Thursday, April 25, 2013

Real Wedding: How Much Does it Cost? Statement Mantel vs. Rustic Centerpiece

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Images by Kathie Tam Photography

Yesterday we posted a challenge on our Facebook Page.  Which one cost more?  The answer might surprise you!  Read on. 

The Statement Mantel

Do you have a mantle or alcove you need to decorate?  The team at Bliss Blooms was tasked with decorating this impressive eight-foot limestone mantel at the University of Texas Golf Club with candles and all white blooms to create a stunning grand entrance to a fabulous event.  White pillar candles of varying heights were staggered along the length of the mantel.  Roses and hydrangea, placed in clear water tubes, were nestled around the candles with the fig leaves and dripping amaranthus.

30 stems of white hydrangea at $4 each, $120
3 bunches of hanging amaranthus, $45
3 dozen Polar Star roses at $3 each, $108
Fig Leaves $12
16 glass cylinders in varying heights, $75
16 white pillar candles, $48
Water tubes and supplies $10

Portion of Consultation Time devoted to Mantel Decor: ½ hour
Design and Sourcing Time: ½ hour
Prep Time (receiving, unpacking, hydrating florals):  ½ hour
Stem Prep Time (removing leaves and tubing florals):  1 ½ hours
Installation time: 1 ½ hours (with 2 designers)
Total time investment: 6  hours

Total Materials: $418
Labor, 25%: $104.50
Tax: $43.11
Grand total: $565.61

Images by Kathie Tam Photography

…and the Rustic Centerpiece

To achieve an impressive statement piece that soared to the chandeliers in the clubhouse dining room, we started with a 3 foot tall barnwood vessel, lush fig leaf branches, luxurious jumbo hydrangea, sprouting 5 ft willow branches and hanging amaranthus.  Long stemmed roses brought the arrangement to life and rose heads were wired to the willow tips for the finishing touch.

9 stems of jumbo hydrangea, $9 each, $81
3 dozen premium long stemmed Polar Star roses, $3 each, $108
Fig tree branches, $80
Curly Willow Branches, $25
1 bunch green hanging amaranthus, $15
Oasis, chicken wire, zip ties, water tubes, $15
Barnwood Pedestal/ planter, rental, $50

Portion of Consultation Time devoted to Main Centerpiece: ½ hour
Design and Sourcing Time: 1 hour
Prep Time (receiving, unpacking, hydrating florals and preparing the mechanics of the planter): 1 hour
Stem Prep Time (polishing leaves and preparing stems): 1 hour
Build time: 2 hours
Installation: ½ hour
Total time investment: 6 hours

Total materials: $374
Labor (25%): $93.50
Tax: $38.57
Total: $506.07

So how did you do?

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