Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snowmass, CO: Summer Destination Wedding Dream!

Pin It You may have seen posts on our Facebook page from a recent destination scouting trip we made to Snowmass, Colorado.  
It's no secret that we love Austin, but it's also well-known that outdoor summer weddings in Austin are HOT.  Several years ago, we did a summer wedding (indoors) in early July in some antique buildings, and it was 107 degrees outside.  I remember the wedding fondly, but I also ditched my suit jacket as soon as possible! H.O.T.  I grew up in Central Texas, and I do love the area, but I have a NEW favorite place for summer weddings: Snowmass, CO.
Yes, you've heard of Aspen, and you know that much of it is very pricey and a little hoytie-toytie in comparison to Austin.  Just outside of Aspen is a hidden gem, Snowmass.  Snowmass is like Austin's sister city in Colorado: Gorgeous views, plenty of outdoor activities, casual attire, great food, and hospitality that makes you feel as if you belong.  The best partS?  Summer weather AND summer rates are incredible. 
As Snowmass wedding specialists, we are going to introduce you to several venues, caterers, lodging, and adventure options for your Snowmass trip.  We would be delighted to help you plan all of the details and ensure that your wedding weekend is truly spectacular - unforgettable because of the experience, not because of the heat. 
Here are just a few images from the trip.  There are so many options whether you're a "green" couple, luxury client wanting to pamper your guests, or casual and ready for a weekly town rodeo.  We will break down individual places for you soon; stay tuned!
Snowmass Club

Sage Restaurant & Patio

Sunrise from my room at The Westin

Maroon Bells - possibly one of my favorite options. Details to follow.

T Lazy 7 Meadow

Viceroy Snowmass Lawn - They have an incredible honeymoon program for wedding packages, too.

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