Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snowmass: Rock Bottom Ranch and ACES

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Is being green or charitable at the top of your priority list?  We have a fabulous destination wedding venue for you that has multiple options for ceremony and reception locations for up to 150 guests.  Rock Bottom Ranch, a part of Aspen Center for Environmental Studies between Basalt and Carbondale, CO, is a one of a kind place with some very unique (and adventurous) options. 
ACES (Aspen Center for Environmental Studies) focuses on sustainable agriculture, teach environmental education, and demonstrate that grazing pastures and wildlands can coexist harmoniously. They are pleased to open the ranch to special events that support their mission of sustainability and stewardship of the land.
You will encounter a multitude of animals throughout the Ranch - goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits to name a few.
What are your venue options?  There's a gorgeous meadow with weeping willows and views of the mountains, a pavilion that is magnificent dressed in twinkle lights (and still maintains a mountain-view), and my personal favorite is a small island with a couple of trees (pictured at the top) for a ceremony still within the view of the mountains.
Possibly one of the most fun elements of this particular venue is the ability to raft in to the river at the back of the property or to use a hay ride to transport your guests in (potentially from rafting.)  Blazing Adventures was truly the best adventure and transportation company that we could have imagined for the many activities we experienced.  Their service and expertise were unparalleled. (Wait until we share our Jeeping experience with them for the Designers Challenge!)
The summer menu that was deliciously satisfying was provided by Conundrum Catering.  (Among the items not pictured were an entree of tantalizing Grand Marnier glazed salmon and a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies that were passed as we were leaving!) 
To top it all off, they have an amazing children's program, so if you are having a kid-friendly event, they can entertain and educate your little ones in a fun hands-on environment.
Images by Your Very Own Fairy Godmother and Katherine Stinnett Photography

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