Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Snowmass: Moon Run Ranch

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Moon Run Ranch is like a step into the past.  It's a real working ranch that allows private events.  The pastures are lush and well maintained.  Pristine flower beds and a waterfall add to the beauty of the grounds surrounding the massive rustic log barn.  

You'll have to check out their website for more images as we made a bit of a mess of the place during a "Designers Challenge."  The team at Blazing Adventures loaded us up in Jeeps and took us all over the mountainside to collect items for the challenge.  We were required to incorporate splatter paint duct tape, some really awful brightly colored mesh ribbon, a paper plate, and one other mystery object into our centerpieces that otherwise consisted of things we collected on the mountainside (rocks, tree bark, flowers, etc.)  We were surprised to see all of the ideas come to life given the limited resources and time constraints, but no two were alike.  That being said, we also didn't have time to get any great pictures of the facilities so check out their site.
Blazing Adventures Jeep used for mountainside foraging

Austin 512.644.6886

Houston 972.804.3295

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