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Ring Styles for your Man

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Contrary to what many people think, most men do care about their wedding ring. However going through all of the options might not be on a grooms list of preferred things to do, so here are some of the most popular, trendy ring styles for men right now. 
Domed Rings are the traditional choice for most men's wedding bands. Because a lot of guys aren't used to wearing jewelry, the domed rings simple design suits a large percentage of grooms. They come available in almost every type of metal and a large variety of widths. 
Flat Bands are especially popular for the guy whose only jewelry is their wedding ring. It is a much more contemporary design than the domed rings and has squared off sides. Flat bands are very sleek and also come in a large assortment of widths and metals. 
Luckily for guys, domed and flat band rings are not the only styles available. Patterned Rings are a lot more artistic. The most popular type of a patterned ring is two-toned metal. The contrast between the two types of metal makes it very visibly attractive. 
Gemstone Rings: the wedding rings for the men who want a little bling in their band. Diamonds are a boy's best friend, too! These Gemstone rings are inset most commonly with diamonds, but can have other precious stones set in them as well if so desired, like sapphires and rubies. Just be sure to note that Gemstone rings require a lot more care than a traditional band; so if your future husband is going to be working with his hands a lot, you might want to look at other options. 
Sterling Silver is by far the least expensive of all the metals, so it's a great choice if you're a bride on a budget. Because silver is naturally a very soft metal, it is mixed with other metals to make it stronger. These rings look great and are very inexpensive but are much more prone to dents and scratches, so keep that in mind. 
Platinum is the most valuable of all the precious metals so these rings have a much higher price tag than the rings with different metals but they are very durable and scratches can be buffed out. 
Tungsten rings are a very popular alternative to gold or silver right now, especially with younger grooms. Tungsten is a highly durable, inexpensive metal that is almost impossible to scratch and comes in many dark colors like grey and black. 
For those men who want a ring that they don't have to be careful with or worry about breaking, Titanium rings are your fit. Titanium is an extremely light-weight, unbreakable metal so it can take any amount of beating and still look great. It's also a very common metal so the titanium rings don't carry too high of a price tag. 
The last and most traditional ring choice for men's bands is Gold. Because it is the most popular kind of ring, there are the most styles and widths of any other metal. It is very affordable ring and can very easily be engraved. Just make sure your groom isn't allergic to gold! 
So now that you're a ring choosing professional, go buy that ring and give it to your special man! 

Author Bio- Derek Mason is an outdoorsy man from Houston who loves his job in the wedding industry. Click here for more information on guys wedding rings.

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