Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Real Wedding: Audra + Alex

Pin It So, we are a little behind on blogging the awesome weddings from the last year, but we're going to try to make it up to you!

Audra + Alex got married at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, and they had their wedding reception at Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club.  Matt Montalvo did a fabulous job capturing the moments of the day.

The bride's button-down shirt for hair and makeup was monogrammed.  Her shorts were embroidered with her new name, and even her flip-flops sparkled "Bride."

People are always asking us what our "stories" are about weddings.  You may notice that I am soaking wet while handing the "flower" girl her bell to ring, but the bride is completely dry.  In the hour leading up to the ceremony (and during the ceremony,) it rained torrentially.  The roof was literally blown off of a nearby restaurant during that time.  The bride actually had to walk through all of the same rain that I did due to the layout of the church, but we had wrapped her and her formal gown in plastic and shielded her with 3 umbrellas to move from one building to the other.  We tucked her into a small alcove just outside of the church to unwrap her and hide the umbrellas before opening the door.  The photographer, Matt Montalvo, later asked HOW we did it, because knowing what it looked like outside, he didn't think it was possible.
The bride was gorgeous (and dry) as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom.
This couple had so much fun with this shot!  The Horseshoe Bay Yacht Club bar offered the perfect backdrop.

 A little bit Mad Men...

Again, this couple has a sense of humor, and when the security officer offered up his real handcuffs....
The flowers are all by Sandra at Divine Designs in Horseshoe Bay.
How much fun is the ski slope cake complete with ski lifts?!  The couple's signature monogram emblem graced the dancefloor.
DJ Sean Alan kept the crowd on the dance floor!
Their one year anniversary is just around the corner! 
Congrats, Audra + Alex!

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